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The way we work.

Disruptive Live is in the business of making content our clients and their audiences will remember. With a range of innovative styles and technical knowhow, we have delivered cutting edge experiences that have gained loyal followers and provided a superb ROI.

We do this by working with our clients from planning to filming and beyond. Be it a fully virtual production or a regular webinar, we provide a full concierge service to product amazing results.

How we work with our clients.

The important thing with any new project is to make it easy for the client. As marketers you have plenty to be doing when working on a new campaign, from the planning to styling to brand messaging to co-ordinating talent to be on camera. We understand this, which is why we work with you from beginning to end. Our teams help with the planning, scheduling, design, filming and execution of your project so you can focus on what you need to.

Our Story


Why we love what we do.

We love working with video content. Each brand is distinct, with their own ideas and own unique style. We harness that style and work with you to get your messaging out there in a concise and visually impactful manner. We've worked on all manner of projects including:

  • Multi segmented immersive virtual event broadcast live
  • Popup TV studios broadcast from the floor of global expos
  • Full animated storytelling using 3D characters

Our teams include a wealth of talents, project managers who know how to plan and schedule shoots and live events, video producers who work with your talent to deliver their best, technical experts to develop and enhance your needs and editors for a keen eye for which shots work, and which don't.

A range of filming styles.

Born out of the technology industry, we've are constantly innovating and working with the latest advancements. As a result, we have a range of filming styles, from traditional yet stylish glassboards, interview and talking-head content to more elaborate virtual environment productions and animation. We've created some amazing things with some amazing companies.

Our Story


Large or small. Our customers are what makes us.

We work with companies of all sizes, from major brands to smaller and startup businesses. We work closely with each client to deliver what really works well for their brand.

We make videos, we build relationships. In addition to our video styles, a lot of clients work with us because we form strong relationships with them and their teams to fully understand their culture, brand values and the messaging they want to get across to their audience. Many clients have been working with us for years, and we're always excited to hear their new ideas and how we can bring them to fruition.

We work with a range of business types, including:
  • Technology Brands
  • Financial Services
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Emerging Startups

Each company is unique, and you will have your own ideas, branding and values that you want to convey on video. So, work with us and let us show you the future of filmmaking.

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