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Cartoon You

Create a fun cartoon clone to wow your audience.

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Time to make boring explainers fun with your cartoon characters!

Sometimes we want to stand out and bring innovation to our organisations, the Cartoon you services allow you to create incredible fun replicas of your key staff and partners and present them in any of our virtual sets or alongside a real human, all in wonderful 3d. So, make those presentations fun and use the authentic voice of your colleagues. Captured on our web-based podcast systems, perfect audio alongside a workflow that is a light touch to your organisation, creating great content without the administration overhead and delighting your audience.

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Hybrid animation gets real! Let's create a mixed reality together!

Do you have a webinar with remote guests? Or maybe you are hosting a talk show? Everyday things can always happen, such as train issues, being unable to attend or being in another country. There are so many reasons why a Cartoon You can replace the individual whilst maintaining a fun, slick-looking production. Let our team of expert designers and augmented reality experts create a vision for you to wow your audience and your colleagues, bringing marketing to new production levels.

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Bring your team to life. Our Cartoon You service only needs a captured voice or script (if we use AI voices) and two photographs to enable us to bring to life any scenario that you can imagine. This allows us to bring to life everything from webinars to 3D animated storylines and everything in between.

Designed For Marketing Experts, our team is experienced in working with the world’s largest and smallest brands. Let us deliver brand content whilst ensuring we remain uppermost in your customers' and employees’ minds. Be the unique person leveraging the latest technology to provide cutting-edge, fun productions that deliver metrics your team and executives will love.

Go Hybrid! Why not have the best of both worlds and have a colleague on the screen with their Cartoon You or a presenter interviewing? The possibilities are endless, and all of our Cartoon You’s are compatible with our services, ensuring we bring the full power of our portfolio to allow the greatest minds to create stunning content that delights and informs!

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Cartoon You

We want you to love the output we create. Here are a few more ways you can utilise this product to see better results and truly reflect your vision.

Animated Stories: Bring scenarios such as customer testimonials and sales-based content into a fun environment

Social Media: Create jaw-dropping virtual content that is genuinely scroll-stopping and explains a product or service beautifully

Virtual Events: Bring in both Cartoon you and real-world presenters into a single platform to make a stand-out event

Webinars: Go beyond the Mike from Skegness (Sorry Mike) presentation from home and captivate the audience.

Advertising: Eyeballs on advertisements is vital. Why use the same old 0.001% click-through content when you can create a stunning Cartoon you advertisement

Do you like being off-camera? Then use the Cartoon you to bring a colleague to life without ever needing to go near a studio or camera!

Brand recognition: All of our Cartoon you content is designed from the ground up without any copyright infringement. Why not create a brand mascot and carry this to other mediums?

Trade Shows: Do you need a huge stand and 000’s of investments or want to create a jaw-dropping moment to capture the crowd? Then look no further.

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“We have had the most amazing feedback about the quality of the production, the staging etc  it looked brilliant."
“... WELL DONE AGAIN for your CRAFTSMANSHIP and CREATIVITY. You made us very proud, congratulations!!"
“Superb! I am really impressed  by the quick turnaround and professionalism behind this work!”
"I really enjoyed the experience, the finished article is fantastic... All in all an absolute top notch experience."
“Great experience. The team are brilliant , very accommodating, and helpful.”

Cartoon You

We work with brands of all sizes to deliver content businesses and their audiences will remember. When you work with us, we'll help plan every aspect of your production. Our in-house teams will be there for you from the start and our experts will work with you every step of the way.


Don't think of it as just another video, but a story to captivate your audience.


Presenting from the Earth or even outer-space - we can create whatever you imagine.


We plan pre, during and post project with all our clients.


Our in-house team will craft your ideas and work with your talents to really deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions? 

What do you need to make a cartoon clone?

Two photographs for reference. Reach out to the team for an example.

What is the typical lead time to get started?

We can create a character within one week of receiving the photographs.

Can this go into any virtual environment?

Yes, why not look at our examples or contact the team for a quick demo.