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Whether you want content filmed within our London Southbank studios, a red carpet interview style at your event or expo booth or something filmed on location, we're here to help. Over the years we've filmed hundreds of brands, businesses, individuals and the occasional Royal at locations all over the world. Our full concierge service will help you with the planning, setup, filming and even editing of the final product. We've got some spectacular equipment and a great team - leaving you to focus on your messaging.

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Do you have clients that need filming within a studio? Perhaps you are attending the latest expo and want a way to capture your customers present and future? You may be holding an event and require the presentations to be recorded. Or even you want to capture the buzz of your office. Whatever you need, our filming services can help. We can cater for the full studio experience or travel globally to help capture the moments that really matter.

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Excellent Production Values: Our production teams live and breathe creating videos. We've invested in great cameras, great sound and great process. Our experienced filming gurus can cater for every style, delivered in a professional and friendly manner.

Beginning to End Service: With your guidance our team can help craft your future content, design storyboards, and even create shooting lists to help everything run smoothly on the day. We'll create processes to deliver the best filming experience possible, and use these on the day. For content that needs editing, we'll work with you on the final product and deliver something your company will be proud of.

Focus on the people: If you're running an event, you don't want the stress of constant questions about the filming - you just want to deal with the people who are there to see you. Because we plan all the filming schedules in advance and are seasoned with handling talent in front of the camera - we'll take care of the background work, leaving you and your guests to focus on delivering their messaging to camera.

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Filming Services

We want you to love the output we create. Here are a few more ways you can utilise this product to see better results and truly reflect your vision.

In Studio Productions: You can see more of our in-studio examples on the website, but with three filming studios in central London and our team of experts, we can create content that really cooks.

Physical Events: You've just delivered an awesome presentation to your clients and wished you'd captured it to show people who couldn't attend. With our filming services we can capture your presentations.

Trade Shows: Whether you're filming interviews or capturing the energy of your booth, film long-form or clip based content to engage and raise awareness.

Red Carpet Experience: Lights, camera, action! Interview clients, partners and attendees on the move. A roving reporter at your next event can capture some great content and give that extra bit of excitement.

Showreels: Capture the highlights from your show and event through a showreel. Whether it's to entice attendees for day two, or promote interest for your next event, a showreel will capture the magic of your event. Filmed and edited on site, for those tight deadlines - or planned and executed by our team for your next project.

Pop-Up Studios: From a mini-setup to a full studio, bring the magic of television to your next event. Build a full studio at your event to record panels or even interview guests live on your own TV stream.

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“We have had the most amazing feedback about the quality of the production, the staging etc  it looked brilliant."
“... WELL DONE AGAIN for your CRAFTSMANSHIP and CREATIVITY. You made us very proud, congratulations!!"
“Superb! I am really impressed  by the quick turnaround and professionalism behind this work!”
"I really enjoyed the experience, the finished article is fantastic... All in all an absolute top notch experience."
“Great experience. The team are brilliant , very accommodating, and helpful.”

Filming Services

We work with brands of all sizes to deliver content businesses and their audiences will remember. When you work with us, we'll help plan every aspect of your production. Our in-house teams will be there for you from the start and our experts will work with you every step of the way.


Don't think of it as just another video, but a story to captivate your audience.


Presenting from the Earth or even outer-space - we can create whatever you imagine.


We plan pre, during and post project with all our clients.


Our in-house team will craft your ideas and work with your talents to really deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions? 

Can we film in your studios?

Absolutely. We have a full filming service within the studios. You can even expand into our virtual environments. Get in touch and let us know your needs.

Can you travel to our event?

Yes, we can send a team to your event. Whether it's in the UK or overseas, we can handle the logistics of sending our team plus equipment to wherever you need us to be.

Is there an auto-cue that I can use in the studio?

We do have a small auto-cue in one of our studios and each of our studios also have their own 50 inch television. You can use the TV to put your slides on the screen or a script that you can scroll through as you are filming. If you send us the slides or script before the shooting day we can have it all prepped for you when you arrive. 

I’ve never been on camera before! Can you help?

Whether you’ve been on camera a hundred times before or never, our studio team is always on hand to help you through the experience. If you have never been on camera before and are nervous the team will go through some media training before the start of your session to make sure you are comfortable and confident.